How can I setup my tracking code with Google Tag Manager (GTM)?

Short tutorial on how to setup Mentioned and GTM. If you have any troubles, chat with us and we'll help you out!

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    Add New Tag

    Make sure that you have a Tag Manager Account and a Container setup for your website.

    Sign in to Google Tag Manager, then go to your Container and access your Workspace. Click on "Add a new tag".

    Step 1 - How to add Mentioned App tracking code to Google Tag Manager
  • 2

    Install Tag Template

    Click on the Tag Configuration tab, then access the Template Gallery. Search for "Mentioned App".

    Once you find it, select the template and click "Add to workspace".

    Step 2   find mentioned app in the gtm template gallery and add to workspace
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    Configure Tag

    Enter your Host Site by making sure that this exactly matches your site URL on Mentioned.

    Then, enter your Tracking Token. You can obtain this by clicking on "Get Tracking Code" in your Mentioned / Website dashboard. Make sure that you copy and paste the token only and not the full script.

    Choose a Trigger and select "All Pages".

    Save your new Tag and submit your changes in your Workspace menu.

    Step 3 - Configure your Mentioned App Tag Template on GTM
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