How does the Exclude List work?

Tracking mentions is one of the smartest things you can do if you run a website or manage digital marketing.

However, you might want to skip tracking traffic from sources that are not relevant. Setting an “Exclude” lets you do just that.

Say that you are not interested in tracking mentions from Instagram. You might want to access the Exclude List and add “” to that list.

This will ensure that you won’t receive an email alert when you are mentioned on “” and that the dashboard won’t record Instagram-referred traffic.

View the Excludes as something of a “tracking shield.”

We have set some default exclusions; however, you are free to edit the list the way you like it. Feel free to add or remove all the exclusions you’d like.

You might have noticed that it has included the most popular Social Networks.

“Why? It would be so useful to track mentions on Social!” - you might wonder.

And you would be right. It would be incredibly useful.

However, Social Networks don’t really like to give out referrer information and make it pretty much impossible to identify where exactly your website was posted.

That is why we have included them into the Exclude List. We want to avoid you recording unnecessary noise.

Need help setting up the perfect Exclude List? Reach out, and we’ll be happy to help.

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